NASA Saxophone Quartet Competition

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2014 Saxophone Quartet Competition

March 20-22, 2014 – Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

1st Prize
$2,000 in cash and/or merchandise
2nd Prize
$1,600 in cash and/or merchandise
3rd Prize
$1,200 in cash and/or merchandise

The 1st Prize winner will be featured on a winner’s recital at the 2014 NASA Biennial Conference.

Eligibility | Application Guidelines | Prelims | Semi-Finals | Finals | General Information | Schedule

I. Eligibility

  1. The average age of the ensemble members must not exceed 27 as of March 23, 2014.
  2. Each member of the ensemble must be a current member of the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) as of March 19, 2014.
  3. Contestants who are not current members of NASA must join online at: (Membership rates for 1 year: Student: $25 Professional: $35)
  4. Quartets that have been First Place Prizewinners at a previous NASA Quartet Competition may not enter. Additionally, individuals who were First Place Prizewinners as a member of a quartet may not enter as a member of a second quartet.

II. Application Guidelines

  1. The deadline for submission of applications, recordings and fees for the NASA Saxophone Quartet Competition is DECEMBER 15, 2013. All application materials must be submitted online.
  2. Submit your competition application materials here (you must a current NASA member and logged into your account).The ensemble must submit an entry fee of $120.00. All payments must be made through the online application by December 15, 2013.
  3. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  4. The contestants’ birth dates must be verified at the competition site with each contestant’s driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport. Any contestant who does not show proof of age will be disqualified.
  5. There are three rounds of the NASA Quartet Competition: a recorded Preliminary Round, a live Semi-Final Round and a live Final Round. The deadline for the recorded Preliminary Round is DECEMBER 15, 2013. The live Semi-Final Round and live Final Round will be held in Urbana-Champaign, IL on March 19-21, 2014.

III. Preliminary Round

  • The Preliminary Round will consist of a recorded audition. The recording must be UNEDITED, and must be submitted with the initial application materials by the deadline, December 15, 2013. Recordings must be submitted in MP3 format. The recording should contain performances of:
    1. Alfred Desenclos-Quatuor, III. Poco Largo-Allegro Energico
    2. Up to 10 minutes of additional music of the ensemble’s choice.
  • Judges: Jonathan Nichol Jr., Russell Peterson, and Zach Shemon

IV. Semi-Finals

  • Up to 20 saxophone quartets will be invited to perform in the Semi-Finals. The Semi-Finals will be held on March 19, 2014 on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, in conjunction with the 2014 North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference. Repertoire requirements are as follows:
    1. Gyorgy Ligeti-Six Bagatelles, arr. by Fabio Oehrli (Published by Schott Music) – perform all movements.
    2. Up to 10 minutes of additional music of the ensemble’s choice that was originally composed for saxophone quartet.

V. Finals

  • Up to 6 quartets will be advanced to the final round. The final round will take place during the 2014 NASA Biennial Conference. Each quartet will be allowed to play for 35 minutes. Repertoire requirements are as follows:
    1. Antonin Dvorak-String Quartet No. 12 in F Major, Op. 96 “American”, I. Allegro ma non troppo (Any arrangement of the performers’s choice. Fred Hemke’s arrangement is recommended. The first movement is available for $25 by contacting him directly:
    2. Up to 25 minutes of additional music of the ensemble’s choice that was originally composed for saxophone quartet. Repertoire from the semi-final round may not be duplicated in the final round.
  • Judges: Dmirty Kouzov, Jamal Rossi, and Taimur Sullivan

VI. General Information

  1. No changes in personnel will be allowed once the entry materials have been received by NASA.
  2. The Winners Recital will feature the First Place Prizewinner in the Saxophone Quartet Competition and will be held on Friday, March 21, 2014 during the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference.
  3. Choice repertoire in all rounds may be programmed as complete multi-movement works or individual movements from multi-movement works.
  4. Compulsory pieces may only be used in the rounds in which they are required.
  5. In both live rounds, the judges reserve the right to request specific movements and/or excerpts of each performer’s program due to time constraints.
  6. Eligible contestants may also enter the Solo Competition and Jazz Competition, but they must submit a separate application and separate entry fee for each category entered.
  7. All fees and dues are non-refundable.
  8. All expenses, including lodging and transportation to and from the competition, are the sole responsibility of the contestants.
  9. Quartets may use any combination of saxophones (i.e. AAAA, AATB, SSAB), but must play the required repertoire as SATB.
  10. Professional musicians will judge both the preliminary audition recordings and the live round performances. Semi-Finalists will be evaluated solely on their semi-final live round performance and Finalists will be evaluated solely on their live round performance.
  11. Questions may be directed to the Chair of the Competition Committee, Carrie Koffman via e-mail at:

VI. Schedule (tentative)

  • Wednesday, March 19, 2013:
    • 8AM-6PM: Semi-Finals in Smith Memorial Room
  • Friday, March 21, 2013: 
    • 9AM-1:15PM: Finals in Smith Memorial Room
    • 4:30PM-5:30PM: Winners Concert in KCPA Tryon Festival Theatre