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2014 NASA Conference Registration Table Hours:

  • Thursday, March 20: 2PM-6:30PM
  • Friday, March 21: 7:30AM-5:30PM
  • Saturday, March 22: 7:30AM-5:30PM
  • Sunday, March 23: 7:30AM-3PM

2014 NASA Conference Registration Fees


You may join or renew your membership online

  • ON-SITE REGISTRATION (any date after March 1, 2014) - includes program if you register by March 16)
    • NASA Professional: $130.00
    • NASA Student: $80.00
    • NASA Senior: $120.00

REGISTER for the 2014 NASA Conference


  • ON-SITE REGISTRATION (any date after March 1, 2014) - $10 for program
    • Composers: $15.00
    • Non-Saxophonist Collaborative Musician: $15.00
    • Spouses/Family: $15.00

REGISTER for the 2014 NASA Conference

*Because many of the performances will be taking place in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, we have had to hire front of house staff, which means that they will be checking badges. We don’t want anyone to get upset for being turned away from a performance because they don’t have a badge; thus, we have asked that all collaborative musicians (that wish to attend any performances) register for the conference. It is completely free (up until March 1). If the collaborative musician isn’t going to attend any concerts, then they don’t need to be registered.

*The same applies to non-saxophonist composers and non-saxophonist spouses.  Registration is free (until March 1), and required if they wish to attend any performances. Saxophonist spouses and composers, if they are performing, must join NASA as either professional or student members, and also register for the conference.

  • Cancellations after March 12, 2014 will not be eligible to receive any refund.


can be purchased at the NASA registration table in the KPCA lobby – does not include program booklet

  • Non-Students: 
    • Friday: $60 (includes night concert)
    • Saturday: $60 (includes night concert)
    • Sunday: $45
  • Students (w/ valid student ID):
    • Friday: $40 (includes night concert)
    • Saturday: $40 (includes night concert)
    • Sunday: $25


tickets to be purchased directly from the KCPA ticket office – limited availablility

  • Non-Students: $18.00 per event 
  • Students (w/ valid student ID)$12.00 per event 


  • Conference Program: $10.00 (cash or check only) sales will begin on March 22.
  • Conference Poster: $2.00 (cash or check only)